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Bridging the gap between industry domain knowledge and the final software product by using NoCode platform.

By integrating multiple apps into a user’s experience, ACENji ties complex tasks together, enabling more sophisticated app creation without needing to write a single line of code.

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Retrofit Software Quote Logic is helping the LED industry
Core Features:

HIPAA and GDPR Compliant

We built world class privacy protection into ACENji from the groud up to ensure strict digital confidentiality.

Trusted Security Solution

ACENji uses the best available security technologies to ensure a trusted environment.

Device Agnostic Solution

ACENji works on various systems, without requiring any adaptations: PC, laptop, tablet, android/iOS phone,TV.

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Our cloud based platform provides versatile and paperless NoCode mobile or Web business solutions at low cost that helps you deliver your business goals and improve market visibility.

Create Endless NoCode apps

Create endless mobile apps with NoCode and use them instantly from Apple store or Google Play

Create Endless Products

Create endless products with NoCode to serve your needs

Reporting Management, Staff, Users

On demand reports, with custom filters and formattings. Complying with federal and state regulations.

Sharing within your ecosystem

Share real time information across all apps as they are one app. Share in and out with third party via API.

About Us

At Scale Campaign we deliver Software

When we designed and implemented CareSteps, we combined ingenuity, technology, and care into a single platform.
We are a group of software and care profesionals who understand how to blend technology and care for the benefit of customers and stakeholders.

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