Care Steps : Not Just A Health Care App

Written for Health Care environments but easily modified for many enterprise communications. is an application originally envisioned to be an enterprise software environment able to support health care environments, such as home health care agencies, nursing care facilities, and assisted living centers. However, as development and refinements have taken place in the era of 2020 (with health concerns and remote working becoming the norm), we now see Care Steps fitting into many enterprises that would never have been considered as a health care application. This software features communications tools with encryption, giving it security and privacy unfamiliar in non health care settings. Video conferencing on the fly, eMail and real-time chat integration, GPS locating and tracking, uploading remote field video and photo imaging are all wrapped up. And, with state of the art custom form building application, this application is perfect for small to medium size service businesses looking for ways to manage remote work and thrive in an environment only available to large, well funded corporations. Contact ScaleCampaign LLC @ or for more information and a demonstration at your convenience. We want to bring your IT vision to reality TODAY !


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