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Mobile Form Builder

Care-Steps Mobile Forms Builder provides administrators with powerful functionality to create forms with drag and drop pre-packaged formatted questions. With very little effort, the administrator of this application will be creating and modifying perfectly formatted query forms for all the enterprise mobile app users. Create forms with questions related to health status screening, photo images, short videos and text note input capability. Administrators will easily create forms for different group applications with just a few clicks, drags and text editing. Once your team is exposed to the power of the form creation function, they will likely discover many other creative applications for it as well. A mighty powerful tool to have in your toolbox.

Convert Your Paper Forms into Mobile Apps

Care-Steps Mobile Forms have become a timely solution for many enterprises struggling with COVID-19 screening today. Information gathered is completely at your discretion based on your policies and legal responsibility for patient privacy. Once your forms are created, you can be assured the data is secured, encrypted and completely confidential. Administrators will have access to output reports which are fully HIPAA and GDPR compliant and can be used by you, as appropriate, for contract tracing efforts. Your entire staff may be granted access as users from common mobile deices, such as cell phones and tablets for data point collection. However, only the administrator of your enterprise application will be in complete control of the query questions and access to the output reports.


Location Based and Role Base Authorization: Care Steps includes functionality to control authorizations within your entire organization based on geographic locations as well as individual roles. With over 10 levels of authorized assignment access levels, from headquarters and leadership to local sites and staff foundation personnel.
Location Based: Authority and responsibility may be granted in hierarchy location layers from headquarters to regional, sub-region, local and even down to bed-side locations.
Each staff member can be granted appropriate authority for each location.
This provides a very convenient method to organize secure authorization using Care Steps.
Role Based: Care Steps also provides control of access to functionality by staff assignment and their role within the organization.
This enables authorizing parallel access to directors, managers, assistants and staff in parallel locations.
This provides a very powerful component to further structure secure authorization with Care Steps.

Security and Privacy

Care Steps uses password encryption and tracking for all activities within the system. The enhanced security, privacy enable Care Steps to be HIPAA and GDPR compliant.
IT information office of your business can be granted power to adjust authorizations remotely using mobile devices, or just specific portions of it with major authorization hosted in a more controlled environment, to your preference.